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General Information

Mr. Terrones - Sixth Grade

I can be reached via phone before and after school, and sometimes at lunch. My extension is #43. If you get into the answering system please leave me a message. You can also send me an e-mail, which is the best way to contact me, by clicking the small envelope next to my name below.


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Terrones, Terry Grade 6

Daily Schedule

8-8:15 Morning Meeting

8:15-8:55 Specials (Art, Music or PE)

8:55-10:15 Writing/Math Block 1

10:15-11:25 Writing/Math Block 2

11:25-11:55 Band/Study Hall

11:55-12:30 Lunch

12:30-1:45 Reading Block 

1:45-2 Recess

2-3 Science/Social Studies



Daily planners are expected to be filled out every day by students with the assignments of the day.

Grading/Late Work Policy

Students can expect that all work they submit will be evaluated.  In preparation for the junior high we will be using the following guidelines for accepting late assignments.

First Quarter: - Students will have 24 hours after the assignment is due to hand it in, but will only receive half credit.  After the 24 hour period, if the assignment is not turned in, the grade becomes a zero.  If we find that the extended time is being abused, we will immediately begin the guideline for second quarter.

Second Quarter: - Students are required to have work turned in by 3:00 p.m. on the day an assignment is due or it will be marked as a zero. Students will miss recess to complete an assignment, if necessary.

Third Quarter: - Zero if the assignment is not turned in on time.

Fourth Quarter – Zero if the assignment is not turned in on time.

For writing, we use a 5-point rubric specially designed for the assignment. Generally, the rubric matches the Colorado Standards and 6-Trait writing model.

For all other work, including long-term assignments, quizzes/tests, projects, reports, we use a percentage-based scale.  For example, if a child scores a 19/20 their grade equals 95%.

First Day of School

Solar Eclipse 2017

Water Bottle Rockets

Serving dinner at Camping with the Comets

Reading w/ Kindergarten Buddies

Halloween 2017